Walking on the wild side has never felt so good…

When Mr. Responsibility, Rob Starzmann, realizes he’s been fighting the good fight for the wrong cause, he decides he needs to take a break from his life so he hits the open road.

Freelance journalist, brownie aficionado, and single mom, Julie Andrews has managed her life quite well on her own…then disaster strikes and a kind-faced stranger steps into the gap like no one she’s ever met. Julie feels the kind of instant attraction for Rob she usually reserves for unexpectedly delicious brownies, and easy friendship turns all too quickly into passion.

When responsibility comes calling and Rob is forced return home, Julie realizes she’ll have more than just a few photographs to remember Rob by. Whoops. What happens for this food writer next could be a recipe for disaster…or the perfect final course.

Sometimes the sweetest things in life are the biggest surprises…just like Babies and Brownies.