Meet Elizabeth

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Photo by Glutz-McIntyre Photography

Elizabeth Bemis is a six-time Golden Heart™ Finalist (and 2012 Winner). She had her first short story published in the fourth grade in an all-county elementary school collection of short stories. The story was about a Leprechaun wedding gone bad and was entitled “The Dangerous Things That Can Happen at Weddings”. She believes it may have been influenced by an episode of the Smurfs.

She finished her first full length romance novel (after numerous aborted attempts) in 1994. Meanwhile she became a computer programmer, because it paid a lot better than many of the things she tried over the years (including [in no particular order] waiting tables third shift at Denny’s, photographer, receptionist, bill collector, phone salesperson, secretary, executive administrative assistant, supervisor in a retail clothing store and singing telegram deliverer).

Between 2004 and 2010, she racked up five Golden Heart® Finals in Contemporary Romance and  in 2012 she won the Golden Heart®  in the Romantic Suspense category with Edge of Deception which will be released as Bought & Sold in spring of 2016. In early spring of 2015, she saw the culmination of a two-decades-long dream come true with the publication of her first novel, Love & Oreos, which was named a “Must Read” Romance of 2015 by USA Today!

When she’s not writing romance, Liz operates Bemis Promotions, an advertising agency for authors, fights for control of her house with her sons and various fur-bearing creatures and can occasionally be found running with her dog, training for the Little Miami Triathlon and the Flying Pig (half) Marathon.